The ASA Appraiser: Your Choice for Valuation Expertise

When you hire an ASA-accredited appraiser, you are assured the best valuation expertise, because ASA-accredited appraisers bring experience, knowledge of the market and industry, and a solid reputation to the job. The meticulous ASA accreditation process ensures that ASA-accredited appraisers are accurate, impartial, and credible. They are educated and experienced in their specialties and are respected members of their communities. They can deliver independent valuations that ensure your property is given the appropriate value.

Educational and Networking Event:

Join us on Tuesday, April 10th, at Connolly’s from 6pm to 8pm for a presentation from Ray Moran and Ryan Kinahan of MG Valuation on Valuing Telecom Assets.

Why you need to attend

Fueled by politics, technology and economic forces, the telecom industry continues to experience rapid consolidation. Ray Moran and Ryan Kinahan will help you learn about valuing assets in the telecom industry, including lit and dark fiber, aerial and below-ground conduit, data centers, cell towers, and useful life studies.


Networking Event: Year-end Bash

Join us on Tuesday, May 22nd, at Monarch Rooftop Bar from 6pm to 9pm for the end of year networking bash!  Come meet the board candidates for the 2018-2019 term as well as attorneys, accountants, and other professionals.  More info to come.